7 travel agencies run by women


The Wow Club

Journalist and traveler Sumitra Senapaty launched her company, the WOW Club, Women On Wanderlust, in 2005, when exclusive travel outfits for women in India were virtually unheard of. “All women travel, it’s something that didn’t exist and WOW created it and women loved it,” Senapaty said as she reflected on WOW Club’s 15 years of travel. “My problem was that women loved the concept fifteen summers ago, but their families were uncertain and hesitant,” she said. So it was a solo women’s trip but with the safety and security that a group offers. Starting with two trips a year, they have grown to 50 a year and are now at over 125 trips each year. WOW Club created an environment where women had the freedom to say “yes” in a world where they were often told “no”. Now, besides women traveling to major cities, WOW Club also receives customers from tier two cities.

Girls on the go

Girls on the Go (GOTG) took off in 2008 after corporate lawyer Piya Bose was mesmerized by the beauty of the Himalayas as she traveled overland from India to Nepal to Tibet. She quit her job to start the travel agency, which over the years has helped women travel to exotic destinations, including camping in Mongolia, expedition cruises to Antarctica, photographing the Northern Lights in the Arctic, the exploration of volcanoes on Reunion Island and Santorini, to name a few. some. Her TEDx talk on travel the way she started GOTG was featured by Forbes as one of the top nine TEDx talks on travel, worldwide. According to the company, GOTG has helped women in wheelchairs dive underwater and women in their 90s to travel to the Arctic Circle in winter to see the Northern Lights.

Wandering Joan

Founded by Garima Pande and Akshat Sharma, this travel agency specializes in organizing solo trips for women. They have local travel experts who will hold the solo traveler whenever needed. They arrange pick up, drop off, local transportation, etc. They also organize activity-based travel options for women who like to explore places on their vacation. Each destination is personally ratified, according to the company’s website.

Travel agency for Ladakhi women

Have you wondered if it is possible to trek in remote areas of Ladakh with a team of women and porters? This is exactly the specialty of this travel agency founded by Thinlas Chorol, one of the most recognized female guides in Ladakh. Although she focuses on hikes, she can also help you with personalized tours. They also arrange accommodation with female-run host families, where female travelers and host families interact to learn about each other’s cultures. The main objective of the agency is “to encourage the women of Ladakh to show their abilities and skills, especially in remote areas”.

Women’s Club on the Clouds

Shireen Mehra started this female-centric travel group after enjoying a trip to Dehra Dun with her girl gang. The trips organized by this network are only for women who take advantage of their passion for travel. While their upcoming tours are primarily advertised on their Facebook page, they also rely on word of mouth. They offer fixed date departures for domestic and international travel.

Marvelous world

Liane Ghosh and Shivani Vig, both avid travelers, founded Wonderful World because they believe in going against the grain and going beyond the grain to create offbeat travel. Open since 2013, they cater to women travelers looking to break away from the daily monotony and want to discover new places. During their organized trips, you will discover places of breathtaking beauty, learn about popular cultural and historical traditions, savor local flavors and more. They also have a loyalty program called Wonderful Wallet.

F5 Getaways

Despite wearing many hats, Malini Gowrishankar and Akanksha Bumb succumbed to the travel bug and founded F5 Escapes with a focus on “redefining the way women travel in India”. For those who want to travel in the comfort of an all-female group and don’t mind rubbing shoulders with strangers, they have fixed date departures. And if you want to go solo, they have routes specially designed to meet individual needs and with remote control.


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