A big boost for post-pandemic tourism, according to Aaditya Thackeray | Pune News


Pune: In an effort to spur economic recovery as fears of the Covid-19 pandemic abate, Minister of State for Tourism, Environment and Protocol Aaditya Thackeray said this phase will be led by tourism, hotel and travel trades.
Highlighting various measures taken to ensure ease of doing business in these areas, Thackeray said the government had reduced the number of applications and licenses required to start a tourism-related business from 70-80 previously to just 10 now. Likewise, 15 required NOCs were reduced to nine self-certifications, and three-month deadlines for the issuance of different licenses were granted by his ministry. In addition, the tourism and hospitality sector obtained the industry status it wanted, pending since 1999.
Thackeray said: “Basic tourism infrastructure is now on the fast lane. This week, several major international five and seven star hotels have expressed interest in relocating to various parts of Maharashtra. We will be holding meetings to hear from all stakeholders on improving tourism in Maharashtra in the coming days. ”
He added that the opening of Chippi Airport in October will give a major boost to tourism in the Konkan region. The Konkan Departmental Tourist Office was also inaugurated on Monday; state tour guides and interns, Maharashtra master chefs and World Photography Day competition winners were congratulated.
World Tourism Day (September 27) celebrations in the state have included the opening of many buildings, witnesses of Mumbai’s history, to tourists. A Memorandum of Understanding has been reached for heritage walks at locations such as the Bombay HC and the University of Mumbai. The Maharashtra tourism website and mobile app were also unveiled on the same occasion.



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