A record summer season is possible, but it’s too early to be sure


February 15, 2022 – It is reasonable to believe in a possible record summer season in 2022 due to the number of reservations. However, low vaccination rates, rising energy prices and other factors may still interfere, warns Tomislav Fain, head of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies.

All EU countries are still on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) map in dark red, but most of them with higher vaccination rates are expected to decline further over time than expected in Croatia. Our tourism workers hope that despite low vaccination, rising energy prices and other things, all previous efforts to invest in the season will not “melt”, but due to many open questions, they do not dare not predict whether we will have a good start to this season, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

Booking is better than 2019, but there is no guarantee that some of these bookings will not be cancelled.

“From the current perspective, the outlook for this year’s tourist season looks quite optimistic, especially when it comes to the high season, July and August. The demand is high, reservations are constantly coming in, but we have to be very careful because they are all made with the possibility of cancellation and without advance payment,” explains Tomislav Fain, owner of the Zadar travel agency “Terra Travel”. and President of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies.

He reminds that the situation with COVID has significantly changed the previous way of doing business and everyone needs to be flexible, so reservations are being accepted without payment.

”We had to adapt to this pandemic. We don’t know what could happen tomorrow, if there will be an increase in contagion and new measures again and we had to allow people to cancel their reservations. So you still have to be wary of optimistic announcements, but I say that if everything stays as it is now, there could be a record summer season,” says Fain.

The pre-season is filling up a little less but he points out that it is a good signal that most airlines have abandoned their flights in early April, which is an indicator that their seats are filling up.

“Our customers are used to having enough capacity and there will probably be a lot of ‘last minute’ bookings,” the president of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies said.

Vaccination is holding us back

Along with COVID, the clanking of guns on the Russia-Ukraine border does not encourage more frequent travel.

”At the moment we don’t know how the situation will unfold there by the summer and how and to what extent this may affect arrivals. We, like everyone else, follow what’s going on there,” stresses Fain.

Public interest in vaccination in Croatia is miserable; those who wanted to get vaccinated did so a long time ago, and in the persuasion of those who do not want to do so, the ECDC announcement, which will include the vaccination parameters of the population in the country map Europeans, does not help.

”In terms of vaccination, we are the worst of all the countries which are our strongest tourist competition. These are “landmines” that can reduce the possibility of a record summer season because even if we don’t have many infected people, data on poor vaccination can significantly affect the arrival of guests. If we remain in the red because of this, we will close the door to certain markets. All it takes is for Germany to flag us as undesirable, and we’re in trouble,” Fain concluded.

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