A tourist refuses to stray from the path of Queen Guard as he moves forward


Footage has emerged showing a tourist who refused to step aside for a Queen’s Guard. Looked:

In the clip, which was posted on the TikTok Buska in the Park page, one of the soldiers can be seen marching through a London tourist spot wearing the signature red and white uniform while wielding two swords.

But as he turns right, he comes face to face with a tourist who continues to stand in the same place.

The pair exchange a few words before the guard walks over to his corner and shakes his head as he speaks to a nearby police officer.

Text on the footage reads: “A disrespectful tourist refuses to budge, that’s why the Queen’s Guard should never be polite.”

The King’s Guard – formerly the Queen’s Guard – is responsible for guarding the official royal residences in the United Kingdom. Credit: TikTok/@busk1976

However, reaction to the incident has been mixed, with some people defending the visitor who was apparently unaware of the strict rules.

“I think the tourist didn’t even realize he was standing in the wrong place,” wrote one, while another claimed the man said to his travel companion in Polish: ” How am I supposed to know where he wants to walk?”

A third added: ‘The soldier literally turned into him, the guy was already there’, alongside a laughing emoji.

A fourth replied: ‘I mean the guy says afterwards ‘how should I know I’m on his way’ and pretty fair the guard showed no signs of going that way until the end .”

Many people defended the tourist.  Credit: TikTok/@busk1976
Many people defended the tourist. Credit: TikTok/@busk1976

Others were surprised that the tourist was not reprimanded by the troupe, as is often the case when people do not obey their strict rules.

“I wonder why the guard didn’t yell ‘make way for the queens guard’ like they usually do,” one said.

Another who questioned the UK’s bizarre traditions wrote: ‘This whole country is stuck in a fantasy world of the 1500s.

The guard was seen walking behind a pillar of the royal residence just as the woman did the same to enter her cabin.

It’s likely he thought she was yet another passerby trying to harass him for a photo shoot, and he turned to yell at her.

The hilarious outburst was quickly followed by the realization that the woman was just going about her business and he quickly retreated.

Fortunately, she saw the fun side, as did the online community who have viewed the clip more than 1.9 million times since it was shared last month.


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