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Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Spirit Airlines has been a hot topic this week as it has stranded passengers at airports across the country, but it’s not the only one.

The entire aviation industry is struggling with staffing and flight cancellations.

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CBS News travel expert Peter Greenberg says the horizon is cloudy.

“For the next 30 days, buckle up because of personnel issues, fuel costs, schedules and, of course, worse weather conditions,” says Greenberg.

Greenberg also said airlines may be overestimating weather maps. As an example, he cites a cancellation of US Flight 270 a day earlier this week.

“120 of the 270 flights failed to protect the crew,” he said.

“They didn’t get him back fast enough. They expect their return to travel to be as quick as before, ”said Greenberg, explaining that the airline had laid off pilots and flight attendants during the pandemic. I did not do it. ”

To meet travelers’ travel demands, the airline added flights, and it says it didn’t have a crew to staff them.

“It will continue until this month. Whether you like it or not, it won’t start to stabilize until around September 15, when the kids go back to school and the airlines start cutting back on flights and / or frequency, ”Greenberg said. Explain. ..

Meanwhile, passengers face cancellations and travel dead ends.

According to Greenberg, the problem is when the flight is canceled.

“All flights are full and no flights are available,” he said.

Therefore, to protect the trip, this travel expert said: Like the crew. ”

In addition, in case of cancellation, you will be able to find a seat on the remaining flights of the day.

If you change flights during your trip, take the connection time into account.

“The airline tells you that legal connection time is not only legal, but also ridiculously suicidal. 30 minutes. 31 minutes of legal connection time in Dallas, Miami. I confirm. Even if the plane was on time, I couldn’t even become an Olympic sprinter and win the race, ”says Greenberg.

Greenberg says the 90-minute connection time will go away even if it costs a little more.

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“If the first flight is delayed, we won’t be able to board the next available flight because it’s already full,” he says. “If you have this buffer zone, you have a chance. “

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If you get an email before your flight, cancel the flight, and reschedule your ticket for another flight, time or day, Greenberg says that’s the airline’s method.

“It’s the way they fill the plane, and it doesn’t benefit you in any way,” he says.

Greenberg says he hears this loud and clear!

“They practically canceled your outbound flight. You get a full refund of everything you’ve paid, even if it’s not a ticket, voucher, or non-refundable credit to get your money back. I have the right, ”he warns.

If he chooses not to accept the rescheduling, Greenberg says demand will drive prices and look for fare changes when leisure travel is delayed next month and business travel resumes.

“If they currently have high tariffs on the system and no one shows up, it will go down,” Greenberg said.

He will advise you if your trip will be postponed from a month to a month and a half to book a trip for some time this fall.

However, if you plan to travel during the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, “Don’t wait. Don’t go too far. Don’t collect $ 200. Reserve now.

Those who have recently tried to troubleshoot airline problems over the phone are probably looking forward to a long experience.

In some cases, it may take several hours.

Greenberg says it’s best to use a travel agent or a booking agent.

“They can stand up for you, and not only that, they have a supplier relationship that they love what they see on their computer screens, I guarantee you, you are not what you are looking at, they are not. don’t have the option you have, they have a direct phone connection with an airline salesperson that you don’t have, ”he explains. Raise.“ Those 800 numbers aren’t your friends, but they can get you that information. “

Most of the time the agents don’t charge you, but even if they do, Greenberg says: How fast can you give them that money? “

Other news: Senator Connoram will announce his candidacy for the United States Senate today.

But again, Greenberg believes that by October the world of air travel should be closer to normal.

Airline staff shortage leading to cancellations and longer wait times – CBS Pittsburgh

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