Bad credit makes auto insurance expensive, but states seek solutions – NBC Boston


Pedro Montenegro has an impeccable driving record – he has never had a car accident, nor obtained a driving ticket. He also never in his adult life qualified for affordable auto insurance.

It’s something that the 30-year-old Montenegro, who makes a “good living” as a public relations officer in Washington, DC, says it’s inextricably linked to his bad credit rating, which is from l ‘order of 500.

Montenegro, who is American of Guatemalan descent, faces the same struggle faced by millions of drivers across the country who have stellar driving records but pay higher premiums because they have bad credit or not. credit history. These two factors are much more prevalent among consumers of color.

Having identified this disparity and the lack of federal action, a growing number of states are seeking to ban auto insurance providers‘ dependence on credit-based pricing. A few insurance companies, in states where possible, have measures in place to rely exclusively on driving behavior to determine premiums.

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