Brainerd offers historic tours amid 150th anniversary celebration


Visit Brainerd has been running historic tours of downtown Brainerd throughout the summer. These tours have taken place in the past, but with the celebration of the 150th anniversary in September, they are more frequent.

“We’ve been doing this all summer. We happen to have two on Saturday, ”said Holly Holm, Visitor Services Specialist at Visit Brainerd.

The Historic Brainerd City Center Tours showcase the Brainerd of the past – what the buildings were used for, where the most popular place in town was in the 1930s. These tours have taken place before, but with the approach of on the anniversary, they are done more often.

“This was done in the past with History Week. This year, with [it] being [the] sesquicentennial, we amplified it a bit and decided to have the tours a bit more often, ”said Holm. “And of course, with the 150th anniversary week taking place on September 18 that day, we’ll be doing four tours that week, and then that will be it for the rest of the summer.”

Tour guides try to make it a fun experience for all, joking and laughing while providing people with a great opportunity to learn all about the city on the 90-minute tour.

“They’re basically walking through a four-block radius through downtown and they’re looking up and down and looking around and finding all kinds of things that they probably haven’t noticed before, and it’s more like cool, ”Holm said.

Because Brainerd is “a city for all seasons,” according to the Downtown Brainerd sign, it’s no secret that it’s a popular tourist destination. But even people who have lived here forever still love to know more about their home.

“We actually get a really good mix, it’s about half and half,” Holm said. “Of course we’re in the tourism business right now and we certainly have our share of visitors who are generally interested. There are a lot of people who find it interesting to go to a new town or a new town and want to know more about this area, so we have our share of visitors who want to join the tour, but we also have a lot of premises which also have a general interest.

Holm loves the story because it shows the city where it once was compared to what it is today.

“I also think there is a misconception that history is boring, and that is definitely not the case with these historic downtown tours,” Holm said. “I can guarantee you that you will learn something, you will probably laugh and you can share your knowledge with the members of your family.”

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