‘Bridezilla’ causes chaos in Foremark as she climbs fence for picture-perfect in beauty spot


A “bridezilla” after the perfect wedding photos left police stunned when they decided to scale a massive metal fence in her dress at a major beauty spot that has been plagued by trouble this summer.

Accompanied by her groom and professional photographer, the bride searched for a photo by the shore of the beautiful Foremark Reservoir, near Repton, on her big day.

With that in mind, she scaled the new 6-foot safety barriers erected along the water’s edge to prevent people from swimming in the dangerous waters. The wedding party ignored all signs and jumped over the fence and made their way to the gated area along the sandy beach of the South Derbyshire tourist attraction to take photos.

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However, the couple were caught by police who shared details of the shocking incident, which comes after the place was plagued by goons ignoring signs to swim in the reservoir, which has freezing, toxic water. and dangerous undercurrents.

During the recent hot weather, youth gangs also broke fences to host beach parties, it was reported.

Stunned cops from the Melbourne Safer Neighborhood team described the newlyweds as “groomzilla and bridezilla” for their actions.

There were a host of issues at the beauty site when the hot weather hit the area – forcing rangers to call police to help them evacuate people and shut down the attraction over fears of Security. It included a major search operation involving the police helicopter when a drunk man went to bathe in the water. Worried passers-by called the police but he did not reappear. We think he came out safe and sound.

A spokesperson said of the latest incident: “With no respect for the newly constructed security gates, these newlyweds, along with a professional photographer, climbed a tight enclosure and descended into a sandy area to pose for a photo. some marriage clichés.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Water Foremark is not the setting for a Maldives wedding backdrop – it’s a working reservoir and the barriers are there for a reason. Your Safer Neighborhood Team has worked with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and Severn Trent Water Rangers to educate people about the dangers of approaching toxic water at the location. ”

It comes after temperatures hit nearly 30C in the past two days, and so it should be tomorrow, with concerns that people could ignore the tank’s fence and panels to go for a swim. again.

The 850-meter-long metal fence was erected at the site for the first time earlier this year after police and rangers were enraged by people ignoring the warnings. The site, which is owned by Severn Trent, has also been affected by anti-social behavior, with people leaving piles of trash and parking dangerously on the roads near the site.

A Severn spokesman Trent said the fence will remain in place until a more permanent solution is found to the problems there.

Dangerous water is very cold, deep and infested with algae, and contains many invisible obstacles.

Gangs of young people also broke through the metal fences, damaging security facilities for a beach party, police said. Rangers at the reservoir today, Tuesday, September 7, found piles of trash, including barbecues, liquor bottles and fast food packaging.

The barrier to prevent people from swimming in hot weather at Foremark Reservoir

In other issues in the area, “donut-driving clowns” have been seen skidding around the site’s parking lots.

A spokesperson said: “Despite the well-known dangers of tires emitting smoke from mechanical friction, there has been a recent increase in this antisocial behavior. Anyone caught driving in this manner will immediately receive a warning. Police Section 59 Warning Reform Act (2002) And if we see you doing it again within the next 12 months, we’ll seize your vehicle.

Safer Neighborhood Team officers are now calling on visitors to respect the campaign and avoid anti-social behavior as temperatures soar this week.

Police will conduct increased patrols at Foremark Reservoir, they said.

The last time it was so hot during the June heatwave, police faced a series of issues, which they said were like scenes from a TV comedy, Benidorm, as some people behaved so badly. . Officers described him as “several days of shame.”

Officers will also be patrolling the nearby roads between Ticknall and Milton over the next few days, and anyone seen throwing rubbish on residents’ driveways or public areas will be required to pick it up or be fined, a said a spokesperson.

He said: “And the worst offenders can expect to be compelled to participate in an upcoming organized garbage pickup. Your Safer Neighborhood Team will also have their fixed penalty notices ready for drivers who think it’s okay. to park illegally, regardless of other road users, on double yellow lines.

“And finally, for visitors who think it is okay to throw curses at the ranger at the reservoir – think twice, because firm action will be taken.

“For the avoidance of doubt, there is zero tolerance for anti-social behavior at any of our local beauty sites and prompt and proportionate action will be taken against anyone acting in an anti-social manner.”

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