Caltrans warns against travel to Sierra Nevada


TAHOE, Calif. (KRON) – A stern warning to the public from Caltrans – The agency warns of Bay Area travelers heading to the Sierra Nevada.

This is because, in recent days, the mountains have experienced record snowfall. The damage forced the closure of Interstate 80 and Highway 50.

Since this morning, the two roads are again open leading to Lake Tahoe but despite a weather break.

Leisure travel is discouraged, as bad as the weather in the Sierra is this week and it has been bad.

“Stay off the roads – the conditions are dangerous,” said Toks Omishakin.

South Lake Tahoe Mayor Devin Middlebrook said the area is now on hiatus.

“With the sun on the horizon for the weekend, the next few days should be better for people to come than they’ve been,” Middlebrook said.

Yet for now, after a week of record snowfall, drivers can expect long delays with several secondary roads closed due to downed trees and power lines.

“Obviously we’ve had closures over the last few days where 50’s and 80’s were closed and you couldn’t get to the Tahoe Basin. the roads were extremely icy and snowy, ”Middlebrook said.

Chain controls have been dropped on Interstate 50 and Interstate 80, but the California Department of Transportation said travel should be limited to essential trips while crews continue to clear the roads.

“If you have to take a critical trip, a critical trip, for work, an essential trip, that’s fine. But if it’s a trip just to spend time with family and friends, we say stay off the road, ”Omishakin said.

Keep in mind that another storm is expected early next week. Bring chains and refuel your car.


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