Coffee News Recap, Feb 4: Kenya’s coffee exports plummet in 2021, over 50 Starbucks stores seek unionization in US and other stories


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  • Monday, January 31 – Who Is Coffee, Colombia-focused direct commerce platform, launches online. Coffees are available in whole or ground beans and are shipped directly to consumers. The Who Is Coffee packaging includes the names and portraits of the farmers who grew the coffees, as well as designs by Colombian artists based in different coffee-growing regions.
  • Monday, January 31 – Starbucks organizing campaign expands to include 54 stores in the United States. Employees at 54 stores in 19 states filed union election nominations after the chain’s first-ever union was formed in Buffalo, New York, in December 2021. About 30 Starbucks employees in Mesa, Arizona, are finalizing their votes to mail-order union this week.
  • Tuesday February 1 – Kenya’s coffee exports in 2021 fall by more than 5,000 tonnes. Despite rising export earnings in 2021, the Kenyan government says the country exported more than 35,000 tonnes last year – down from the nearly 41,000 tonnes exported in 2020. The Kenyan government expects that coffee exports will also decline this year.
  • Tuesday, February 1 – Design strategy firm Smart Design is hosting a coffee webinar. the Coffee and Ritual online event explored how companies can design products and services for daily coffee-making routines. The webinar featured Clay Hoffman, Starbucks Senior Product Manager, and Poursteady Founder and CEO Stephan von Muehlen.
  • Wednesday February 2 – Pret A Manger increases the price of the coffee subscription by 25%. The monthly price for up to five barista-made drinks per day will drop from £20 (US$27.20) to £25 (US$34). The coffee and takeaway chain says the price increase is due to rising costs for coffee, milk and staff salaries.
  • Wed, Feb 2 – Folgers Coffee launches modern new advertising campaign. The iconic American coffee company has changed its name to appeal to young people. The campaign will run on television, online video, digital signage and audio streaming in the United States, featuring American musical artist Trombone Shorty.
  • Friday, February 4 – Cafetto coffee equipment cleaning brand is halal certified. Cafetto has received certification from the globally recognized Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat Australia Inc. following an on-site inspection of the production facilities. Twenty of Cafetto’s products are now halal-certified, including Clean Bean Tablet and Grinder Clean.
  • Friday, February 4 – Brazil’s domestic prices increased in January 2022. The CEPEA Arabica index closed at 278.02 US cents at the end of last month. The price increases were attributed to the absence of sellers in the domestic spot market. The Brazilian National Food Supply Company (Conab) predicts that Brazil’s production in 2022 will reach more than 55 million bags, while financial services company Rabobank estimates that more than 63 million bags were produced in 2022.

Here are some news from previous weeks that you might be interested in. Looked.

  • Wed, 26 Jan – Social enterprise I’M NOT A BARISTA develops manual coffee grinder. The Momentum will feature two sets of conical cutters of different sizes. I AM NOT A BARISTA says the first set of burrs will grind more coarsely, while the last set of burrs will provide a finer grind, depending on the setting. The Momentum will also include an integrated screen to separate fines.
  • Thursday, January 27 – World Coffee Research Launches New Membership and Funding Model. The previous funding model was based on voluntary contributions determined by each member company. The new funding model will calculate each member company’s contributions based on volume of coffee purchased or annual revenue, which WCR says will ensure greater fairness and transparency in its funding.

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