Curse of Chucky’s Scariest Scene Really Bites Back


After gasping at a mouse and jumping at Chucky now sitting on a shelf, Barb regains her composure. Her face has a permanent smile, which strangely taunts Barb as she can only see using the portable light in a pitch-black attic. That’s when something catches his eye in the spotlight – loose rubber skin flaps on Chucky’s face. The glossy smooth surface of Chucky’s chin, cheeks, and forehead now shows some masking tape. An extra layer of sorts.

Curiosity gets the better of Barb as she begins to tug at the exposed shutters.

First, Barb peels off Chucky’s lip to reveal blackheads. His eyes widen and his mouth drops in shock at the horrific damage. Barb removes more excess doll flesh around Chucky’s left eye, revealing a long row of stitches holding the doll’s head together. She lifts the torn patch in horror, visibly scaring the hell out of it for obvious reasons.

When the camera switches back to Chucky, it’s another close-up of his face, but we can tell another prop doll is being used. Previous shots show a motionless Chucky; no need to puppet his movements or speech. Now he looks more like an animatronic, with human features. This is the version that Barb will inspect a third time.

She carefully moves her fingers to Chucky’s mouth again, slowly like molasses. We know Chucky is ready to attack just by the switcheroo of dolls. Although he still doesn’t at first. He smiles back at a visibly frightened Barb, who continues – or attempts to continue – exposing more wounds on Alice’s new favorite companion.

Just as Barb’s fingers work their way almost into Chucky’s mouth, he rushes in to bite them down like they’re appetizer sausages. The score’s creaky strings and tightly framed cinematography are appropriately spooky setups that keep the mood inevitably spooky. When Chucky bites on Barb, we know it’s happening but we’re still surprised because it’s so aggressive – Chucky’s jerk breaks the silence. He is finally the mini threat we remember, love and fear.


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