Dirang hot spring site in disrepair


[ Bengia Ajum ]

DIRANG, May 15: The hot spring here in West Kameng district, located on the way to Tawang district, a very popular tourist attraction is in a pitiful state.

Tourists from all over India come to bathe there because its water is supposed to cure several diseases and would have medicinal properties.

The state government had created infrastructure near the spring with the aim of promoting it as a tourist destination.

Infrastructure such as toilets, changing rooms, showers and changing rooms had been built for tourists. These facilities were inaugurated by former Chief Secretary Shakuntala D Gamlin in 2017. However, at present these facilities are in a completely dilapidated state. Lack of care has turned them into a garbage dump area. Most of the infrastructure was badly damaged and was completely abandoned by the administration.

Dr. MS Awan, a linguist from Manipur who visited Dirang hot spring, expressed bitter disappointment after seeing his pathetic condition.

“Seeing the poor condition of the hot springs area, my excitement turned to disappointment. The pool water was stagnant and the surroundings were full of garbage. Being one of Dirang’s main attractions for tourists , proper maintenance and renovation is a must,” Dr. Awan said.

Another tourist expressed concern about the pathetic state of the infrastructure and called on everyone to come together and save the hot spring.

“The creation of infrastructure is useless if it is not properly maintained and regulated. It is a loss for the public treasury, especially for the department of tourism, when such infrastructures are unable to generate revenue for the department and the state. All stakeholders, like the tourism department, local officials, local residents and visitors/tourists need to think about it,” he said.

Due to the unsanitary condition of the area, visitors have stopped bathing there. “I was coming from outside Arunachal and wanted to take a bath as we had heard that this water cures many ailments. But seeing the unsanitary environment, I just dipped my hand in the hot spring I urge local officials to take care of the hot spring as many tourists like me keep it as part of the itinerary when visiting Dirang,” said another tourist.


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