Discover massive new art in the 8 Vancouver Mural Fest neighborhoods


The first week of Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) 2022 is upon us and there’s plenty to see and experience across the city from August 4-14! Eclectic live performances at Downtowninteractive tours, insightful artist talks, and more.

Plus, there are dozens of new works to check out over the next 11 days and beyond.

There are 30 new murals that will be painted and unveiled in eight different neighborhoods this year, from downtown Vancouver to the River District and all the way to the North Shore.

The range of wall artists was curated from a record 1,100 entries and features artists who reflect the city’s diverse communities.

To help you get the most out of your artistic adventures, here are the eight Vancouver Mural Fest neighborhoods to check out this year.

Cambie Village

Charlene Johnny (Sabrina Miso Creative/Submitted)

Cambie Village is known as the “Heart of Vancouver” and is located on Cambie Street from West 5th to King Edward Avenue. The area is accessible via three Canada Line stations and is home to Vancouver City Hall, local shops and restaurants, and more. You can also follow Cambie south to find Queen Elizabeth Park, the highest point in Vancouver and home to the Love Locks structure.

The artists for VMF 2022 at Cambie Village are Charlene Johnny and Michael Robert Bock.


Vancouver Mural Festival

Rachel Wada and Siloh (Mavreen David/Submitted)

Downtown Vancouver is well known for transforming and reinventing public space. Places such as Alley Oop, Ackery’s Alley, and Canvas Corridor in Eihu Lane are all great examples of how public art can be integrated into the city. For more artistic explorations, visit the Vancouver Art Gallery and the new VMF murals located throughout the neighborhood.

VMF 2022 artists in Downtown include Ratur, SGidGang.Xaal/Shoshannah Greene, Jessie Recalma, Ocean Hyland, Siloh, Rachel Wada and Laura Jane Klassen.


Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

Jillian Mundy (Sabrina Miso Creative/Submitted)

Marpole is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods. Visitors can view the Musqueam Midden Cairn at Marpole Park, considered a National Historic Site over 80 years ago and now under the protection of the Musqueam people. The area is also home to many modern shops, including useful retailers and delicious restaurants ready to serve you.

VMF 2022 performers at Marpole include Diamond Point, Reese Shen and Jillian Mundy.

mount pleasant

Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

Melanie-Jewell (Mavreen David/Submissive)

Mount Pleasant is the original home of VMF and spans across False Creek to the southeast and into the Mount Pleasant shopping district, where Broadway, Kingsway and Main Street intersect. The area is home to over 100 murals, as well as the fthe largest summer mural to date (30,000 square feet) at the former City Center Motor Hotel.

City Center Hub also serves as a festival hub this summer for free daily events including music, dance, drag, markets, open artist studios, a bar, food trucks and more. Explore the neighborhood then stop to relax or start the party. All City Center Hub events are free and for all ages.

VMF 2022 artists at Mount Pleasant include Mack Paul, Jonas Jones, Calvin Charlie-Dawson/Ts’kanchtn, Emiko M. Venlet, Cas Nahui, Tristesse Seeliger, Fiona Ackerman, KC Hall, Joon Lee and Melanie Jewell.

the north coast

There are two new murals to discover on the North Shore this year, including at Burrard Dry Docks in Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver and Mosquito Creek Marina in West Vancouver. Works will be created throughout the festival, so stop by to see the pieces in progress.

VMF 2022 artists on the North Shore include Debra Sparrow, Chief Janice George, Buddy Joseph, Angela George, Siobhan Joseph and Ray Natraoro.

River district

Enjoy a beautiful waterfront art walk at The River District. This year, five new mural collaborations between 10 artists along the Fraser River are added to the existing exterior mural gallery which houses 20 additional murals from previous years. Some are still painted so you can even see the art come to life.

River District’s 2022 VMF artists include Karl Mata Hipol, Joy Kim, Olivia GeorgeGordon Dick Miguel Otalora, Robot Soda, Liang Wang and Anqi Cheng, Jocelyne Sanchez and Jess Stanley.


Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

Jennifer Clark (Sabrina Miso Creative/Submitted)

Strathcona is home to a vibrant Vancouver art scene and is also one of the city’s premier gallery districts. In addition to exploring the neighborhood to see the many murals, plan to visit the many craft breweries, including Luppolo Brewing, Strathcona Beer, and Container Brewing. Supported by the Strathcona BIA.

Artists at VMF 2022 at Strathcona include Jennifer Clark, Corey Bulpitt, Caleb Ellison-Dysart and Mia Ohki.

west end

Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

Kirk Gower/Submitted

The West End is celebrated for its culture of festive inclusivity and proud diversity. Davie Village has many exciting places to discover during your visit, including colorful lanes, unique restaurants and shops, and an iconic rainbow crosswalk.

VMF 2022 artists in the West End include Kirk Gower, Matt Hanns Schroeter and Sade Alexis.

2022 Vancouver Mural Festival Map

Map of the Vancouver Mural Festival 2022 / Submitted

Many murals are already underway, with a number of artworks completed. Free download VMF App to discover all the places of this year as well as discover the artists and their creations.

For art lovers who prefer a guided tour, the Vancouver Mural Fest offers daily Mural tours presented by Herschel Supply in almost all areas of the festival. Local tour guides, DeTours, will lead two popular Mount Pleasant tours as well as a new Strathcona tour. Curated Tastes is launching five new tours this year in Cambie Village, Marpole, West End, Downtown and River District.

Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

When: August 4 to 14, 2022
Time: Various times
Where: Various places
Cost: Free and paid events

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