Do’s and Don’ts of Backpacking


There are many ways for tourists to enjoy a visit. For some people who like activities with clear plans, they can travel with tour guides or travel packages, but for those who prefer non-scheduled and more free activities, they can travel as a backpacker. Both are equally used to enjoy travel, only the method and the process are different. If you use tour guides and travel packages, they are usually more time-limited and require additional fees to pay tour guides/purchase travel packages at a pre-determined price. Meanwhile, for backpackers, it is a visit that is done without the help of a tour guide. Usually individually or in small groups of 2-4 people. Backpacker can also be interpreted as someone who travels on a budget. So while making this journey, many unexpected conditions can usually occur. However, backpacking has many benefits, such as being able to feel more of the essence of travel, getting to know many new people during the trip, practicing independence, and being able to more freely manage time and costs during the trip. Also, since the hike is self-guided, there are usually endless obstacles that can arise.

To minimize risks and unexpected problems, you need to be able to do some preparation before you go on a hike. Here are 6 tips to follow before traveling on a backpacker:

Do a detailed calculation before you go. Before setting off on a backpacking trip, make sure that you are financially well enough so that the travel process can go smoothly and comfortably without fear of running out of money. Try to itemize any expenses that may arise so that we don’t spend money lightly and can keep costs down. While planning the trip is the first step that must be done to make the trip easier.

Conduct an investigation by seeking information related to the places we will visit. This survey was carried out as a whole, namely the tourist places, the places of accommodation, the means of transport that can be used and the normal range of food prices and transport costs. This must be done in order to make it easier for us and to avoid the possibility of being cheated by people or being charged more. Because usually foreign tourists will get more expensive prices if they are not good at negotiating the prices or if they don’t know the original price

Limit the items to bring. This is done to avoid wasting space on the backpack we use. Because later we will travel with a backpack, it is necessary not to carry too many items so that we are more free to travel and not be bothered by too many items.

Bring the important things. Important items that need to be carried on this trek include: Medicines need to be carried as it makes it easier for us when we are sick or in a condition that needs temporary treatment to avoid bad things then there are devices security, just in case it is necessary to bring at least one such small security device that can be stored in a place easily accessible by hand, it is important in case of danger. This safety device can take the form of pepper spray, electric shock, etc. Then the next item to bring is cash and cash. Carrying cash in small denominations is also important to make the payment process more efficient and faster.

Use promotions. When traveling to save costs, always check for promotions available in various apps, be it promotions for travel tickets, promotions when buying food, hotel or other promotions. As long as the promo can be used, it should be used as much as possible.

Make sure you have a healthy and optimal physical condition. Health is one of the important things to be taken care of before becoming a backpacker because if we travel with an unhealthy physical condition, there is a fear that we will get sick in the tourist spots so that we cannot enjoy the weather of the holidays. This is of course very unfortunate and not expected to happen.

While the tips above are tips that can be applied before you go backpacking, there are also some things that should not be done on a backpacking trip. Here are some tips not to do or even avoid when hiking:

Don’t easily trust people. When we travel, we need to increase our anxiety and be more sensitive to the conditions we may encounter at any time. Because crime sometimes happens because of our opportunities and carelessness. So at any time when we are careless, we can be deceived by bad people. Therefore, do not easily believe suspicious offers and gifts from strangers.

Do not do things that are not polite and garbage when we go on a backpacking trip, both during the trip and when we arrive at our destination. We must be polite and courteous. So that we can travel comfortably without causing problems with other people.

You don’t want to be pressured into buying an item, on a backpacker trip to a tourist spot there will be many vendors offering their wares and even tending to be pushy. But if you really don’t want to buy and don’t really need it, don’t buy the item even if you have to, it’s important to save expenses. Because it would be better if we spent money to buy goods according to our wishes and according to the original planning.

By implementing the do’s and don’ts of backpacking tips, it is hoped that problems that occur while backpacking can be reduced. So that the visit can be enjoyed comfortably if no problems arise and enjoy the vacation according to their respective objectives. Because everyone’s vacation goals can vary, some want to experience new cultures, relax their minds, recharge and rest in new places they’ve never been.


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