Greekend: The tourism organization invents a new word in its ad campaign for city breaks


The Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) launched a new advertising campaign on Thursday, touting Greece’s attractions as a city break destination. Coining the word “Greekend”, the campaign encourages people to “end your week like a Greek”.

In its new spot, EOT promotes Athens and Thessaloniki as ideal destinations for travelers looking for a weekend break, emphasizing good weather conditions and easy flight connections. It showcases the offerings that tourists can enjoy in major Greek cities, including cafe culture, local cuisine, art galleries, shopping destinations and entertainment venues.

“The Ministry of Tourism and EOT are launching the City Break campaign, inviting visitors to discover the well-known and hidden corner of Greek cities,” Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias said.

“Hotels in our cities, especially Athens and Thessaloniki, have suffered from the pandemic. This campaign is the first in a series of initiatives that we will carry out, inviting visitors to safely enjoy an authentic Greek weekend in our biggest cities,” he added.

“The pandemic has had a negative impact on urban tourism. In many cases, disproportionately compared to our other tourist destinations,” said EOT General Secretary Dimitris Fragkakis, adding that “the Greekend campaign seeks to promote a comprehensive tourism product equal to other weekend destinations. European end established”.

The new campaign is initially expected to last two months in 10 countries, including France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Israel.


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