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Usually, a loan or credit installment change is associated with currency offers – a good example are loans in Swiss franc, whose installments increased with the increase in the exchange rate of this currency. However, installments of a loan taken out in zloty may also grow. When does this happen?

If we take out a loan or a loan, we agree to a fixed installment that matches our household budget. Not all of us, however, realize that installments can change and in a short time they can increase up to 20%. How is this possible? First of all, it is about jabank in the case of loans in PLN.

jabank is the reference interest rate on loans on the Polish interbank market. The interest rate is determined on the basis of the interest rate given by banks operating in Poland and belonging to the jabank panel as their arithmetic average.

jabank interest rates are the basis for setting the interest rate for loans and credits granted by Polish banks, as well as the base rate for many derivative transactions concluded on financial markets.