How many employees in the state of WA have applied for religious exemption?


So far, most of them have been refused. The vast majority of those wanted by patrollers and staff in Washington state were turned away.

We’re talking about religious exemptions to Governor Inslee’s controversial vaccine mandate, which still has an Oct. 18 deadline.

King County has negotiated a deal with 95 percent of its public union workers pushing them back, giving them more time. But no word if it is going to be extended.

Now we hear that the number of government employees who have requested exemptions is 4,654.

When you consider the tens of thousands of government employees, that number is rather low. However, it includes a wide variety of necessary workers, from state patrol to DOT, medical workers to office staff.

Some Seattle media estimate that the State Patrol could lose up to ten percent or more of its workforce. In Spokane, up to 48 firefighters were seen leaving because there was no so-called reasonable accommodation.

In our area, in several counties, including Walla Walla and Columbia, it is estimated that there could be losses of 20 to 30 percent of volunteer firefighters and EMS workers who already have day jobs and employment. Vaccinations are also required of these workers.


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