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Today’s official launch was rightly held at the Mandingalbay Ancient Indigenous Tours site in East Trinity, which is just five minutes from Cairns by boat.

The group has just completed the first stage of a $ 46 million eco-cultural tourism project on formerly degraded cane land that is being converted back to its natural state by the Djunbunji Rangers.

A new guided tour in November involves the Chief Ranger explaining the restoration process.

“In 2010, we declared our country an indigenous protected area,” said Executive Director Dale Mundraby.

“This eco-cultural business was created and managed by our community, for our community and will create for us ongoing long-term opportunities while enriching the lives of all who come to this amazing part of the world.

“What the people of Mandingalbay Yidinji need are opportunities that allow them to be part of the tourism industry and this plan will provide an inclusive framework to facilitate that.”

The Wet Tropics Sustainable Tourism Plan has six goals, including respect for the country and people, supporting the tourism aspirations of rainforest aborigines, raising awareness through consistent messaging and branding, increased community involvement and advocacy, well-trained tour guides and collaborative visitor management.

The WTMA will now develop a roadmap in collaboration with partners to guide the implementation of the plan, which will be revised in 2026.


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