Infrastructure Development to Boost Tourism in Kadamakkudy Village – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

KOCHI: The Kadamakkudy panchayat, which consists of eight islets in the Goshree region, is set to become one of Ernakulam’s main tourist villages. In this year’s annual budget, the Kadamakkudy panchayat drew up a plan to develop the area focusing on infrastructure development. The move, according to NG panchayat chairwoman Mary Vincent, will give impetus to dreams of making the village a comprehensive tourist hub.

“The islets remain scattered and our main objective will be to connect them all with the help of bridges. The works of some of the bridges have already started. and Kadamakkudy-Chathanad Bridge are to be completed. Once the bridge works are completed, this will be the easiest way to reach Ernakulam from the Paravur side. It will also help to attract more tourists to the villages,” said she declared.

Kadamakkudy is also one of the key areas of Eranakulam where Poakkali agriculture is rampant. last year Pokkali was grown on nearly 80 hectares of land in Kadamakkudy. “We plan to expand it to 100 hectares this year. It will also be a big boost for fish farming as most farmers grow prawns in Pokkali fields during the off-season,” said Mary.

She said that once the Kochi Water Metro project is operational, it will also provide better connectivity to the Kadamakkudy Islands with the city center. “At present, there will be five Water Metro stops on the islands – Kadamakkudy, Paliamthuruthu, Kothad, Pizhala and Chennoor. “We aim to convert Kadamakkudy into a tourist spot,” she added.


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