It’s certain: human error caused the Struma highway accident of the burnt bus with 45 victims –


“It has been definitively established – from evidence and expertise that the tragedy of the Struma Highway was caused by the behavior of the driver. Only his behavior is the reason for this situation to occur and for the accident to develop, which ends in this result. This is what Investigator Mladen Petrov said bTV today.

Tragedy on the highway “Struma”: Passenger Bus Burst into flames, leaving 45 dead including children

Two hours after midnight on November 23, returning from a trip to Turkey, a Besa Trans travel agency bus carrying 52 passengers from North Macedonia, most of them asleep, crashed into the railing of the Struma Highway near the village of Bosnek and exploded on fire. the bus fire. Only seven people survived.

It was unequivocally established that there were no flammable liquids on the bus.

“Lead the bus away from the active track and hitting it in the guardrail led to penetration and destruction of structural elements, compression of the tank, compression of its contents. This is accompanied by a profuse scattering of sparks caused by friction, which has reached the temperature and pressure required to ignite the fuel,” Petrov said.

Visibility was not impaired, Petrov said, refuting suggestions that bad marks on the Struma Highway may have led to the accident. “Indeed, the horizontal marking, the side marking, has faded a bit, but it is not invisible. The middle center line that separates the stripes is quite bright and certainly visible,” said the investigator.

The review of the opinion of the investigation team is ongoing. “Victims, relatives of the dead and surviving passengers must be involved. Our view that there is no wrongful conduct which is a causal link for this outcome, leads to the fact that the proceedings are likely to be terminated,” Petrov said.


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