Lakbay Norte: Top Sights to See in Nueva Ecija

Jan Milo Severo –

November 3, 2021 | 2:50 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Due to the fact that most of its land is rice fields, Nueva Ecija has been nicknamed the “rice basket of the Philippines”.

But not many people know, the province also has tourist sites where visitors can relax during this pandemic time.

From picturesque hills and farms to historic sites, Nueva Ecija proves that it is not only the country’s primary source of rice.


Located in the town of Cuyapo, hikers can enjoy the rolling landscape of the Colosboa Hills. Families can also put down their picnic mats amid the stillness of Mount Bangcay, with grazing cows in sight. The rugged hillside terrain is also perfect for adrenaline-seeking cyclists.

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Biking in Colosboa Hills.

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Argamosa farm

Also located in the town of Cuyapo, the farm is a popular choice for festivities and intimate gatherings. Scattered across the five-acre property are gorgeous Balinese-style huts surrounded by rows of trees and Lake Libsung, a great spot for that Instagram-worthy selfie. Milo Severo

Espejo farm

The farm is located in the town of Guimba. He is known for his export-quality sweet mangoes Catimon which has won several awards. Milo Severo

Villas in the Highlands in Bali

Travel to Bali, Indonesia, by land at this Balinese-inspired resort located in Pantabangan. It offers well-furnished luxury villas, some with their own private pools. There are also a variety of water sports activities or treat yourself to relaxing massages and spa treatments. Milo Severo

Ridge Farm by Desmond Farm

Located in Pantabangan, Farm Ridge is a luxurious ridge-top log cabin that overlooks the Sierra Madre mountain range and the Pantabangan Dam. Each of the cabins has its own mini pool. With mornings like in Baguio or Sagada, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee is perfect while taking in the panoramic views.

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Ridge Farm by Desmond Farm

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Forest garden

Also located in Pantabangan, you can enjoy a sea of ​​clouds in the garden. There is also a wooden art installation site that is perfect for Instagram selfies.

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Forest garden

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Liberty Park

Located in the city of Cabanatuan, the park is dedicated to the heroes of the country. A monument to the great Filipino war hero, General Antonio Luna, can be found in the park along with other memorials. Nearby, travelers can find the historic plaza overlooking the parish of San Nicholas of Tolentino, or the Cathedral of Cabanatuan, where Luna was murdered. Milo Severo

Editor’s Note: The visit to Nueva Ecija was organized by NLEX to promote tourism in the region. At no point does the host organization have any say in the stories generated from the coverage, interviews conducted, date of publication and processing of stories. The content is produced only by following editorial guidelines.

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