Land and sea amphibious trolley tours return to the beach


Land or sea? How about both. After a decade away, the one-of-a-kind parrots of land and sea roller boat tours are back on the beach.

Departing from John’s Pass, the tours use an amphibious vehicle that operates as a cart on land and as a boat on water. After loading into a parking lot, tours roll down the road from John’s Pass to St. Pete Beach, providing riders with history of the area, entertaining anecdotes, and guides to fun things to see and do along the way .

Upon arrival at St. Pete Beach, the trolley descends a ramp and splashes directly into the water, where the excursion becomes a relaxing hour-long stroll along the coast. The marine part of the tour focuses on wildlife like dolphins, birds, and sometimes even manatees.

The complete visit lasts about an hour and a half. Individual tickets for scheduled tours are available Thursday through Monday, and private group tours can also be booked through the company.

Parrots of the Caribbean uses a new style of vehicle called a Trolley Boat (different from older DUKs), which is Coast Guard and DOT certified. Rather than retrofitting a truck into a float, Trolley Boats are built like boats, with the ability to drive added later. The vehicles are jet-propelled in an effort to protect the marine life that swims around the boat when it’s on the water.

Parrots of the Caribbean describes itself as “the best way to explore the culture and beauty of Florida…A treasure trove of fun awaits.” Find out more and book tours on their website.

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