Loan with a temporary job – on a small scale feasible
Loan with a temporary job – on a small scale feasible

Loan with a temporary job – on a small scale feasible

Millions of people work in a temporary job in our country. If you are looking for a loan with a backup job, then this can cause some problems.

Because the income generated by the job is often not enough to establish a good loan rating. Not even close to the limit of the Pfändbarkeit can be achieved with “only the mini-job”.

Loan with backup job – the problem

Credit with backup job - the problem

Loan with backup job problem solutions

Even if we live in a country where unemployment is very low, that does not mean that all workers can be satisfied with their jobs. Many are satisfied with a backup job. And this can have different reasons. It often happens because the family leaves no other option.

Many women only want to work a few hours to have enough time for family and household. A temporary job is then usually the right choice.

But there are also workers who have to choose a temporary job because they have no training or because they pursue this in addition to their actual job. Whatever the case may be, a temporary job is usually not the optimal solution. Above all, not if you look at the revenue that can be achieved with it. A loan with a temporary job therefore demands a lot from the borrower in advance.

Loan with a temporary job – creating optimal conditions

Credit with a temporary job - creating optimal conditions

If the income is low, then the conditions for borrowing are not good. For what should the loan be repaid if there is no money? The traditional banking houses have very clear ideas for the granting of a loan. So it is important that there is an income that is above the attachment exemption amount.

Only if this is the case and the private credit has also stored no negative entries, can be spoken of a good loan rating. As a loan seeker one must therefore look that the conditions for borrowing can be significantly improved.

This would be possible with the help of a co-applicant. This must have a significantly higher and fixed income, so that the loan can become a job with a backup job. It must also be ensured that the loan amount matches the borrower. If you only earn 500 euros a month, you can not expect the bank to approve a loan of more than 30000 euros.

Not even if a solvent co-applicant is on hand.

Loan with a backup job – provider

Credit with a backup job - provider

In Germany, there are more than 2000 banks that lend. In addition there are the private financiers as well as some providers abroad, which also provide loans. The number of providers is therefore very large. If good conditions could be created for borrowing, this wide range can also be used.

An exact overview of the possibilities offers our loan calculator. He helps with the selection by creating offers that match the requirements of the searcher. Thus, not every bank needs to be individually requested and the interested party can ensure that he finds exactly the loan with a temporary job that suits him and his project.

Loan with backup job – the consumer loan

Credit with backup job - the consumer loan

A good option for a loan that also works with a backup job is consumer loan. We all know such loans from many traders. Whether the technology market or the mail order company – many offer an installment purchase, which can be quickly and easily arranged.

The installment purchase is nothing more than a loan. The dealers give this, so that the customers can buy there and also afford goods that can not be paid for immediately on their own. The special feature of this type of loan is the fact that the income is not the focus of interest. So it does not matter how high the income is.

Much more important are the revenues that are generated. And these include maintenance, child benefit or sickness benefit and pension payments.

So all those funds that do not play a role in the regular evaluation of a loan application. For those affected, this means that they can take a consumer loan with a small income and without a co-applicant.

Only the private credit must fit, so that can be acted quickly and effectively.