Magician Ash K. accuses National Publics Radio and PRX of conspiracy to ignore


Magicians Ash K. & Kevin the Cap, and the car that was too small

Ash K. with what he thinks is his cat.

Ash K. with what he thinks is his cat.

NPR and PRX clearly aren’t interested in a super cheesy thing: Magicians touring the 48 continental states

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Sep 30, 2021 / – After assembling a group of reluctant witnesses / reporters, San Francisco-based magician Ash K. has let the Midwest know his displeasure with ‘to be downright ignored by any and all NPR news reports and shows. “I mean sure the magic isn’t great on radio, but I have a wonderful accent and Kevin bathes every day. ALONE should have made us regulars in NPR history all through. the 120 day tour. “

The two magicians began their historic tour of the 48 continental states on July 1 and are now about three-quarters of their way through their unprecedented tour. “Of course, we don’t actually use the car pictured, but that’s not the problem! We are committing unnecessary and harmless fraud on all kinds of entertainment fronts! The goal has always been to provide shows and affordable magic lessons for adults and children, as well as magic just inches away, known as close-up magic. “

“And why in particular Bill Maher doesn’t invite us on the show?” At this point, a sane person in the crowd pointed out that Bill Maher is not, in fact, an employee of NPR or PRX. Ash K. replied, “What is your proof? ! He’s fun and reads the work of these guest authors before they come. Of course it works for NPR and / or PRX! Do your own research! “

Magician not discouraged by the exit of the remaining participants As the majority of the small group closed their laptops and notebooks, smiled as they looked at their watches or pretended to receive a call they had to take, and made their exit, the patently unusual half of the “magic show across America” ​​continued, undeterred.

“Has anyone ever seen Terry Gross and Bill Maher producer in the same room?” he asked the two remaining people avoiding her gaze. “No they didn’t. Coincidence? I don’t think so! And of course Peter Sagal had David Blaine on ‘Wait, don’t tell me’ once, but that’s because David is famous, and Peter is taller than him! Everyone knows that! “Ash K. continued:” Marketplace, Morning Edition, Fresh Air, It’s Been a Minute, The Takeaway, TheWorld, PBS NewsHour, This American Life, Says You, All Things Considered, Freakanomics, Radiolab, Reveal, Snap Judgment On the Media, The best of our knowledge, Hidden Brain, Latino USA, Weekend Edition, The Moth, The New Yorker Radio Hour, Hear and Now, Humankind – what is it? what do they ALL have in common? ” he asked the now almost empty room. A brave soul raised their hand: “Uh, the excellence of the programming and great esteem for their audience? “Maybe smart pants,” Ash K. replied, hands on hips, “but they clearly hate historic magical tours! The other two people packed their bags, said goodbye, like we heard, “Ash K. looks… interesting.”

Two different styles
Ash K., aka Northern California’s Funniest Magician, was named BayList Winner in the Arts & Entertainment category by readers of The San Francisco Chronicle and Hailing from the small Eastern European country of Balka (he explains gently, “Go to Poland and turn right – you can’t miss it.”), Ash K. is often described as eccentric and vaudeville comes to life .

Kevin the Cap practices what he calls Smart Magic for Smart People. Like Ash K., he is a magician in good standing of the internationally renowned Academy of Magical Arts, known for its clubhouse, Hollywood Magic Castle.

Zoom also shows
His business partner having managed to wipe out a small piece of humans, Kevin the Cap said because there was nothing else to do: “You just go to the website,, choose which one to do. ‘between see us, and what a show – from walking magic to a full show – and fill out the form. Then I’ll confirm, you’ll sign and get your deposit back, and you’re ready to see some GREAT magic, LIVE! guarantee your satisfaction, money back guaranteed. “

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About the tour
Kevin the Cap explained the historical significance of the tour: “Several researchers have told us that we are the first to cross the 48 continental states and DC in one season. From antiquity until the 1940s, artists rode on horseback, then in wagons, then in carriages from town to town, bringing their acts of comedy, ventriloquism, gymnastics, dramatic readings and magic to crowds. hungry for entertainment and something different. With the rise of cinema almost a century ago, then of aviation, this migratory version of our profession has disappeared and artists are simply taking the plane for their next engagement. We’re both a bit behind, and audiences love it. “

* Ash K. & Kevin the Cap will continue to adhere to public health protocols as determined by the CDC and individual communities. * *

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