Members of Exodus remember start of pandemic on European tour with Testament and Death Angel (video)


In the four-minute video below, the thrash metal legends of the San Francisco Bay Area EXODUS recall the start of the coronavirus pandemic while “The Bay strikes back” European tour in February / March 2020 with WILL and ANGEL OF DEATH.

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt officially tested positive for COVID-19 on March 31, 2020, less than two weeks after he said he had felt “slightly ill” since returning from “The Bay strikes back 2020” toured earlier this month.

March 22, 2020 WILL singer Chuck billy revealed he had also tested positive for COVID-19. Were also infected WILL bass player Steve DiGiorgio and ANGEL OF DEATH drummer Will Carroll, who spent nearly two weeks on a ventilator in an intensive care unit at a northern California hospital.

Carroll later said in San Francisco KRON-TV that he “knew” that he had been infected with the coronavirus while he was still in Europe. “Halfway through the tour people started to get sick and it started to spread from person to person,” he said. “Once I get sick, from the third or fourth to the last day [of the tour], it hit me pretty hard and I knew I probably had COVID. I just knew it. “

Carroll said that after the cancellation of the last show in Germany, ANGEL OF DEATH and the other two groups returned home and quarantined themselves. He was hospitalized a few days later.

In April 2020, Bowl was asked by Hot Metal if he was aware that Carroll and some of the other members of ANGEL OF DEATH were “very sick” while still on the road in Europe, Bowl said, “No. Because it was the last three days, I think [Will] said, from the tour [that he first started feeling sick]. But no, he didn’t say he was sick or had it or thought he had it, but, you know, I think he should have said something. Unfortunately, I don’t think that was cool… I mean, he could have been stuck in Europe for a long time. With his problems, he could have been on a ventilator in Europe… But, again, to think he was sick, just to get on that plane and spill it himself if he did. was contagious, that’s a little… a little wrong. “

Bowl was then requested by Hot metal if he has any idea how he may have contracted COVID-19. He said, “I don’t. But being the group, we are among ourselves – the three groups,” referring to WILL, ANGEL OF DEATH and EXODUS. “We really weren’t going to walk in the crowd or anything. So we were isolated from ourselves. So if Will made makes us sick, maybe it was that last hug on stage, that last show when Will was around all of us. I don’t know – if he thought he was really sick at the time. Because we didn’t have a lot of public interactions with each other – it was mainly the three groups and teams. So we don’t know. It could have been that last night. Or it could have been at the airport, because some people on the bus does not have got sick, who slept in the same quarters as us and were very close to us. So maybe we got it at the airport last night. Maybe we got him on the plane on the way home. We just don’t know … But we to do know that we all went down [with it] Around the same time. I think so Will was sick first, if they were sick first, maybe they had to give it to us – I don’t know – but the rest of our The band and the team started to feel it, like, a day after we got home. “

Carroll address Bowlcomments from a conversation in May 2020 with Rock Immortal Productions‘Rock Talk’ Live Interview Series. He said: “It was the last two days of the tour, and I just thought I had a cold or the tour flu or something. It didn’t really get serious until the flight home. when I started to sweat and I had a terrible fever and I started to think, “Oh, I might have the virus. I feel really bad. ”So it didn’t really cross my mind to let people know. was take precautionary measures, like I’m not hanging around after those last two shows. I wasn’t in the afterparty or hanging out backstage. I would go straight to the bus and go to my bunk and sleep. I stopped drinking. “

When asked what the first symptoms were when he started to get sick, Carroll said: “Sore muscles and just a lack of energy, sort of. Oddly enough, though, I guess because my endorphins kicked in, it didn’t affect my performance; I was able to play. drums and playing like I normally do. But after the show I would fall apart right away and feel weird. “

According to Will, he has since spoken to Mandrel, and there is no hard feelings between them.

“I was a little surprised when I saw the article, and I contacted him right away by text, and we went back and forth, and everything is fine,” he explained. . “I read the full article which Mandrel‘s [quotes were] taken from Blabbermouth. It was a bit out of context… So if you read the entire interview from the original BLABBERMOUTH.NET – it was for a metal zine or something – it went pretty well like it did Blabbermouth; it didn’t seem like it was slamming me. But, like I said, I was surprised when I saw it, and I made Contact him. We are all cool – I love Mandrel and I like Tiff [Chuck‘s wife Tiffany], and we always have a lot of fun touring together, and I can’t wait to do more tours with them. “

Carroll added; “Shit Blabbermouth. [Laughs] When i contacted Mandrel, he didn’t know what I was talking about. I was, like, ‘Well did you read Blabbermouth? ‘ And he’s like ‘I’m not reading this site.’ [Laughs]”

EXODUSthe new album of, “Persona non grata”, is scheduled for November 19 via Nuclear explosion records.


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