Nancy Pelosi’s Planned Taiwan Trip Enrages SF Anti-War Activists


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s summer travel plans, including a potential stop to meet with government leaders in Taiwan, infuriated Chinese government officials and local activists on Monday.

About 100 anti-war activists and Chinese Americans gathered in the morning outside the Federal Building in San Francisco to protest Pelosi’s potential trip to Taiwan, saying it would unnecessarily stoke tensions with China and lead to provocations military that could end in nuclear war.

The issue of Taiwan independence is considered one of the most volatile in US-China relations, as the latter insists that the island remains a part of the sovereign state under the “A China» politics – a position that the United States has long held recognized but not approved. Taiwan was a key part of a conversation last week between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Monday afternoon, Pelosi was should go to Taiwan but this had not been confirmed. His office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Many Monday protesters, including members of the pro-diplomacy group pivot to peace and women’s social justice organization CODEPINKsaid the trip is another example of the congresswoman’s failure to prioritize issues in her own district, such as housing, homelessness and climate change.

Protesters gathered Monday morning outside the Federal Building in San Francisco to demand Nancy Pelosi cancel a reported trip to Taiwan.

Cynthia Papermaster, CODEPINK Chapter Coordinator, objected to Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan, as well as the lack of leadership from top Democrats as a war between Russia and Ukraine continues to rage, legislation on climate change languishes and that the Supreme Court restricts reproductive rights in overthrowing Roe vs. Wade.

“Which way ?” Papermaster asked. “I mean, she made fun of Trump on our behalf. It was wonderful, very comical and all. But people really need her to focus on our needs here.

Ann Wright, a retired US Army colonel and CODEPINK national staff member, said she was alarmed by the Rim of the Pacific War Games held near Hawaii and southern California, where 26 nations took part in a biennial exercise that was to include 38 surface ships, four submarines, nine national ground forces, more than 170 aircraft and 25,000 military personnel.

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“They’re playing against a potential enemy,” Wright said, “and guess who they think that enemy is? China.”

Julie Tang, a retired judge who sat on the San Francisco Superior Court bench for more than two decades, said Pelosi supports the military-industrial complex and “raises the temperature of war.”

“We have given her a donation, we have supported her all these years, but we are so disappointed that what she is doing is totally against the well-being and well-being of the community, especially the Chinese Americans,” Tang said. “She doesn’t listen to us. It goes with the flow, pushes American hegemony to contain China. Why? We get nothing out of it. »

On Monday, a small contingent of counter-protesters shouted at the entire group through their own megaphone, accusing the entire protest of supporting the Chinese Communist government.

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