Pokemon GO unveils roadmap for early 2022


Pokemon GO has a lot to offer trainers in the coming months, including a return to real-world social interaction, exercise, and exploration.

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2022 is already well underway, but Niantic has big Pokemon GO news as it prepares to kick off the next in-game season that will transport players through late winter and into spring. The mobile AR experience has survived this long thanks to its constant evolution and response to community feedback and it looks like the developers will continue this trend in the coming months.

The start of 2022 Pokemon GO The roadmap was revealed by Niantic this week, and it’s clear the developers want the game to return to social interaction, exercise, and exploration. This should come as no surprise to gamers. Many of the game’s early pandemic remote play features have already been nerfed (or removed entirely) and the return to real-world activities is already underway.


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What this means in terms of gameplay is quite interesting. Players can expect global events, GO Battle League improvements, new postcard features, seasonal updates, and other unique community days. Whether that means more Community Day Classics or some other variant still remains a mystery for some time.


Continuation of World Events with Pokemon GO Tour

  • After your enthusiastic response to Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto last year, we’re bringing the next iteration – Pokemon GO Tour: Johto – to Trainers on February 26-27, 2022. This year, Trainers around the world can play anywhere they are, and trainers in Monterrey, Mexico, or Kaohsiung, Taiwan will be able to participate in live events.
  • Some of the new features in this year’s Pokemon GO Tour include GO Gym trainers, each of which is inspired by a winning trainer from our community’s contest, which you can turn on or off once you’ve battled a certain number of them. . This way, you can choose between engaging in more difficult battles or focusing on other features of the event. On top of that, there’s a new Masterpiece Quest featuring Apex Shadow Pokemon.

GO Battle League Improvements

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank you all for supporting the GO Battle League! We’re still working to refine the experience, and are currently prioritizing a number of updates and improvements, including urgent bug fixes, which we’ll share more of in an upcoming dev diary. Stay tuned!

Postcard update

We’re so happy to see you all enjoying the new postcard book feature! We’re working on adding more features, such as notifications, sticker saving, extended max gifts, new postcard sorting methods, and new postcard ratings!

Seasonal update

We were happy to see that the trainers enjoyed both Hoopa’s misdeeds and the mystery of the door Professor Willow discovered. In the upcoming season, we look forward to sharing several seasonal Special Research stories with you, with a focus on smaller-scale adventures. Stay tuned for more details on what else we have in store for the next season!

The past two years have been challenging for all of us, and we are continually exploring ways to improve the sense of community that our trainers feel around the world. Our very first Community Day Classic was one such experiment, and we also tested smaller-scale community-organized events. We will continue to explore the Community Day concept to keep our events fresh and exciting.

The March 2022 event schedule and upcoming in-game season will likely be announced sometime next week. At this point, we hope players can get a better idea of ​​which of these early 2022 plans are coming sooner rather than later. Those that don’t appear on the March schedule will hopefully appear throughout the rest of the mystery next season.

In the coming week, we should learn more about other events that will arrive during the last days of the heritage season. Be sure to come back in the near future for more. Pokemon GO strategy guides, news and updates. Until then, good luck, Trainers!

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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