Rotterdam could dismantle part of the deck of Jeff Bezos’ superyacht


Until now, tall ships have passed below deck before assembling their masts and taller structures, he said.

Dennis Tak, Labor Party city councilor in Rotterdam, said he was fine with dismantling the bridge – since the city would not pay for it – because of the jobs the process would create. “As a city, it’s a great way to take some of their money,” Mr Tak said.

The structure is more than a bridge for the people of Rotterdam, said Siebe Thissen, the author of the book ‘The boy who jumped off the bridge’, about a working-class man who jumped from the bridge in 1933. “It’s a monument,” he said. “It’s the identity of Rotterdam.”

When city officials tried to demolish the bridge in the 1990s because it was no longer in use, there were big protests, he said, calling the bridge a reminder of “the good old days. in Rotterdam.

“I think that’s why there’s so much excitement about Jeff Bezos and his boat,” he said, before discussing the charges against Amazon. “People say, ‘Why this guy?’ It’s a working-class town, and they all know that Jeff Bezos, of course, exploits his workers, so people say, ‘Why should this guy be able to tear down his boat deck?’

On Thursday, more than 600 Facebook users said they would attend an event called “Tossing Eggs at the Jeff Bezos Superyacht”, where they plan to gather near the deck to throw eggs at the boat. “The people of Rotterdam are proud of their city and don’t tear down iconic buildings just because you’re super rich,” said event organizer Pablo Strörmann, who said he created the Facebook group “mostly” like a joke.

Mr le Couvreur, who works for the company Tours by Locals, which connects tourists with local guides, said Rotterdam locals would likely appreciate the international attention the show had garnered, he said . “On the other hand, it shows the unimaginable wealth that people like Bezos have created for themselves, that nothing can stop them from living their dreams and their hobbies,” he said, adding that the prospects were “worlds apart from those who will watch the ship pass through the city.

Claire Moses contributed report.


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