The five places you MUST eat and drink in Dubrovnik’s Old Town


Located at the tip of Croatia’s long coastline, the city of Dubrovnik is a gem of Hollywood history, culture and scenery along the Adriatic Sea. Known for its spectacular scenery and white marble buildings and streets, if you fancy stepping into a fantasy novel, you won’t be far. The famous Game of Thrones series filmed several epic and iconic scenes here and we can see why. All the comforts of a modern city that still feels steeped in history, Dubrovnik had a lot to offer travelers wishing to spend a day or two within its historic walls.

But one thing that is easy to fool in Dubrovnik, as in any major tourist city, is the food. Because the local currency is the kuna, it can be confusing for foreigners to know if they are getting ripped off or not. Plus, there are tons of restaurants all along the main drag serving food you can find anywhere for twice the price – and no real foodie wants to eat a burger when they can try the cuisine. authentic local of the country!

We have selected some of our favorite bars and restaurants within the old town walls to give you a more authentic experience, from cool cocktail bars to Eastern European specialties, there is something for every foodie in this listing ! Browse below to have the tools you need for an incredible cultural and foodie journey around this magnificent city!

Bakus Wine Bar

If you are looking to taste some of Croatia’s most delicious wines – and grab a few snacks on the side – then the Bakus Wine Bar is the atmospheric little place for you! Try their extensive menu which is packed with local flavors as you watch the world go by on the side street, or check out their cool cave-like interior for a real old town feel!

The wonderful staff are full of great recommendations for their extensive wine list and sharing dishes to die for. It’s also a bit off the main drag so it’s less crowded and less touristy. Better value than some of the other wine bars in the area, this is a great find and a cozy little place to sit and relax if you have an afternoon to spend!

Konoba Jesuit

Getting a) great food, b) great service, c) great atmosphere and d) great prices isn’t the easiest combo in Old Town Dubrovnik. Because it’s a total tourist hub, it’s easy to get swept up in cute restaurants only to find that kuna don’t add up quite the way you would expect at the end of a fairly average meal – but this is not the case at Konoba Jezuite.

Located right next to the famous Game of Thrones ‘Shame’ Steps, this restaurant is in the square which houses a magnificent 18e Jesuit Church of the Century. With superb local and authentic dishes the meal is an experience – I had the life changing shrimp and cucumber risotto. Cozy, atmospheric and family-friendly, this is a wonderful place to have lunch or dinner, with a varied menu and a list of drinks.


For something a little different, Barba is a great place for adventurous eaters! Often described as the Croatian version of ‘fast food’, this small, family-run restaurant is the perfect place to stop for a quick lunch on the go while sightseeing! Make no mistake, the portions are really MASSIVE, but they all come packaged in user-friendly packaging that allows you to take an entire carton of fried fish and ocean delicacies with you!

Their Octopus Burger is known all over Croatia and is incredibly tasty, as is the exceptional amount of friendly squid. The super friendly staff are happy to chat while your order is being processed and will be happy to tell you about some of their more exotic choices on the menu. An absolute must for seafood lovers, this was definitely one of our favorites!

Old town of Taj Mahal

An Eastern European restaurant? In Croatia? I was skeptical too, but every traveler we met was delighted with the place so we just had to eat there to try it! And we were really happy we did! It ended up being the best dining experience we had in Dubrovnik Old Town!

This is definitely a place to book as the rumor of its popularity spreads quickly and you won’t have a place until after ten, even in low season! Another on that is a bit of a tourist crush, the vibe of this restaurant is a bit more upscale and upscale than some of the other more cozy and traditional places in town, and that look sleek suits him. You probably won’t know 90% of what’s on the menu, but honestly? Everything looked good. There are many vegetarian options and many unusual meats like veal and many traditional options. It’s honestly a must-see for us in Dubrovnik!

Bard Mala Buža

(Hello jet lag)

Are quaint cocktails more your vibe? Then this quieter branch of bustling Buza Bar is your go-to for refreshing sunset drinks! The views from this bar are second to none as you leave the old town walls to reach a bar built into the cliffs to admire the stunningly blue ocean and islands in the distance.

It’s definitely pricey, but you pay for the view and the atmosphere and the small built-in platform on the lower levels allows you to bathe in it during the summer months, so don’t be surprised to see people walking around. settle there for a day at the beach! We recommend going there at sunset to watch the sky and oceans change color while sipping on an expensive, but worthwhile, cocktail!

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