The Ride and The Tour – Two Great Firsts – Times Square Chronicles


On Friday, January 28, The path, the award-winning tourist theater tour, will celebrate its 11and Iconic premiere of the year as the most successful experiential and immersive entertainment initiative in Times Square and the Broadway district.

Wednesday, February 2, Round powered by The Ridewill also celebrate its 7and Iconic Year Premiere with its multimillion-dollar floor-to-ceiling windows, custom stadium seating, surround sound, tens of thousands of LED lights, award-winning tour guides and 40 interactive video screens showcasing videos of New York’s rich history

The shows are written and directed by CEO/CCO, Richard Humphrey, The path and Round are the only discriminating choice in a crowded field of the ordinary.

After 1,022,295 riders, after 28,000 performances, after 559 rave reviews, after multiple coveted awards and nominations, after billions of onboard photos, after countless heat waves, blizzards, hurricanes, traffic jams, New Year’s ball drops , St. Patrick’s Day Parades, street fairs, demonstrations, political conventions, proms, Broadway openings, movie premieres, Times Square events, naked cowboys, dance-offs, mayors and flash mobs; Richard Humphrey has transformed his fleet of coaches from experimental sights to groundbreaking events that have won the admiration and respect of the entertainment and travel industries.

New York City spent $15 trillion to become New York City.

The path and Round absorbed and embraced the result of this $15 trillion investment as their stage and the object of their affection.

The path is the only traveling virtual reality theater in the world; scripted, scripted, immersive, experiential and spectacularly supported by multimedia and surround sound.

Round powered by The Ride single-handedly ushered in a new generation of tourism.

Stay tuned for Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dublin, Mumbai, Sydney, Honolulu and Dubai.


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