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The comic sister of the American version of Office had a long list of actors who went through its cast. One of its stars has been confirmed for the second installment of the 2020 HBO Max hit.

© IMDbIt is not yet known when the new season will air.

The white lotus It was one of the great successes of HBO Max in 2021. Created by Mike White as some sort of content that allowed them to complete the grid, it grabbed the attention of viewers who quickly highlighted it as a must-see gem. This is how she managed to evolve and move from a mini-series, as it was originally conceived, to a full series which prepares its second season.

In recent days it has been confirmed that Michel Impérioli, one of the stars of The Sopranos, had been chosen to be part of the second season of The white lotus. There it was revealed that the new fiction installment of White It would focus on a new group of luxury resort clients and move from Hawaii to another tourist spot where the chain has built one of its hotels. Imperioli will put himself in the place of Dominique di grasso, a man who travels with his father and his son, who have just graduated from college.

Now it has been announced who will be the new actress who will be part of the second installment of The white lotus. Is about Aubrey Square, to whom the followers of Parks and recreation will remember their work as April Ludgate. In this case it will be harp player, a woman who goes on vacation with her wife and friends, and chooses one of the many hotels in the chain The white lotus.

The white lotus It was born as a miniseries and has now been turned into an anthology series, and each story focuses on a different group of people with incredible purchasing power who choose to go on vacation with the idea of ​​getting themselves. rest but end up exposing their relationship problems. The great success of this fiction has been the humor with which this satire was constructed, full of dark humor and completely uncomfortable situations to watch, like what was the denouement of the season finale between Armond and Shane.

The character who would return in The White Lotus

Beyond the idea of ​​completely restarting the story and focusing on other characters, on Deadline they echoed a rumor that seems to have solid foundations. Everything indicates that Jennifer coolidge will be back in the cast as Tanya mcquoid. In the first installment, he was one of the more shy characters in the hotel, seeking the affection and approval of the people he met at the facilities, and had a brief relationship with Gregory, which was played by Jon gries, actor who spoke with Disclose about what it was like to be a part of this show and you can read it at this link.

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