This Missouri mine offers boat trips and scuba diving


I was born and raised in Missouri and lived there most of my life and even hadn’t heard of the Missouri Mine which offers boat tours and scuba diving .

Kudos to Only In Your State for bringing this to my attention. They recently shared a story on how you can explore an old lead mine. The mine / cave they are talking about is the Bonne Terre Mine.

The official Bonne Terre Mine website claims that it is the largest freshwater diving resort in the world. That’s right. You can dive here. Although they offer underground walks and boat trips, scuba diving is possible if you are a certified diver.

The good news is that their longer summer hours are in effect until September with shorter winter hours between October and May. Their website says the tours last around an hour and involve around 65 steps if that’s a factor for you.

The website says they have accommodation options if you want to make it an overnight adventure.

This is called diving in the center of the Earth. This is not far from the truth as you can see remains of mine cars and other items from the distant past.

The Bonne Terre mine remains open even as the pandemic continues, although they have health guidelines that you will need to follow if you are interested in being part of a tour.

This is one of the most unique underground experiences you can imagine and is located in Missouri for a potential future adventure for you and / or your family.

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