Tour guides benefit from a waiver of license fees


The Siem Reap provincial administration has decided to waive license renewal fees for tour guides amid the decline in foreign tourists during the Covid-19 crisis.

Siem Reap Provincial Vice Governor Pin Prakot said yesterday authorities were waiving license renewal fees and not imposing fines for expired licenses on all Siem Reap tour guides after seeing the difficulties they had been facing in the Angkor region for almost two years.

The crisis has caused around 1,000 tourist guides to lose their jobs and their income to support their families.

“We are looking for ways to revitalize tourism as Siem Reap receives infrastructure development of 38 roads from the government and accelerate construction to contribute to tourism and provide opportunities and benefits to businesses involved in tourism and other sectors. also, ”Prakot said.

English speaking guide Kim Huo said Khmer time yesterday that tourists began to decline at the end of 2019, so he had to change his career to become a photographer before the pandemic was in full swing.

Tour guides always renew their license every year and it costs $ 110. It is great news to learn that authorities have decided to waive license renewal fees after nearly all tour guides faced a financial crisis during the pandemic, ”he said.

Huo said he couldn’t decide whether or not to renew his license now. He is waiting for the flow of international tourists to the Kingdom to increase before converting his career to a tourist guide, he added.

Huot Robin, another English-speaking guide, said he had already renewed his license earlier this year. It continues to welcome the few tourists visiting the Bayon temple since the pandemic hit hard in Siem Reap.

“I am very happy to see the government giving a hand to help us in this difficult time, not only to remove the license renewal fees, but also to complete the lockdown in Siem Reap to accommodate tourists during the holidays. Pchum Ben, ”he said.

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