Travancore Heritage Tourism Project promises to liven up the capital’s nightlife


The name Kerala conjures up images of a picturesque and serene land with endless greenery, lakes and mountains. There is something very godly and innocent in the land of this God. The vibe you get in Kerala is different from what you get in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Dubai. But the face of our little Kerala will soon change; the capital of Thiruvananthapuram is ready to be transformed with an array of bright streets that are colorful and bustling at night. Soon Thiruvanthapuram will be a city that will not sleep.

The tourism department is preparing to revitalize the capital’s nightlife as part of the Travancore Heritage Project, inaugurated last March. As part of the first phase, facade lighting will be installed on around thirty heritage sites in the city. Tourists can also walk or drive through these places at night. It is hoped that this will pave the way for dreamlike nightlife as well as the protection of heritage institutions.

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A total of Rs 100 crore has been earmarked for the Travancore Heritage project. The first phase will see the inauguration of the lights on the facade of the Martyrs’ Hall on November 1 by the Minister of Tourism Mohammad Riyas. Steels Industries Kerala Limited is responsible for the implementation of the project.

The total cost of the first phase is expected to be around Rs 35 crore. The lighting of the facades will be the theme of the various festivals of Kerala depending on the season. Recently, a similar lighting system has been installed in Jaipur. This is the first such experience in Kerala. The project is expected to be completed within eight months. Tourists visiting tourist sites at night can visit various heritage sites and spend time near them until midnight.

Besides Martyrs Hall, Public Office, Trida, Police Headquarters, Napier Museum, Kanakakunnu Palace, Kerala Museum, Muscat Hotel, PMG Building, CSI Church , LMS Women’s Hostel, College of Fine Arts, Central Library, Government College Hostel, CSI College, Department of Sanskrit, University College, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Palayam Juma Masjid, Sree Shakti Vinayaka Temple, VJT Hall, AGS Office, Kannimara Market, East Fort, Vettimuricha Fort, Srivaraham Fort, Sundaravilasam and West Fort will be the locations where facade lighting will be available in the coming months.

Although this is a city located in the Technopark, one of the largest computer parks in the country, nightlife has always been foreign to city dwellers. The younger generation, including technicians, has long needed to make Thiruvananthapuram’s nightlife as vibrant as that of other metropolitan cities. This dream will come true with the implementation of the project.

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If you are new to the city, here are some places to visit
Napier Museum
: If you want to learn more about the Indo-Saracen architectural style, created by British architect Robert Chisholm, visit the Napier Museum in Trivandrum. With its impressive architectural design including minarets, a Gothic roof and a natural conditioning system, the museum is one of Trivandrum’s hidden treasures. Home to Raja Rama Varma’s art collection and the works of Russian philosopher Nicholas Roerich, the museum also features an impressive collection of ancient artefacts, bronze idols, and temple chariots.

Kuthira Malika Palace: Built in the 1840s by the great Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, the Kuthira Malika Palace is an iconic monument that gives you a curious glimpse into the glorious history of Kerala. “Kuthira Malika” literally translates to “Horse Mansion”, and it was named because of the 122 horses that adorn the many pillars that support the southern roof of this majestic structure.

Kannakakkunu Palace: Kannakakkunu Palace hosts the All India Dance Festival which takes place annually from March to October, attracting visitors from all over the world. The palace, surrounded by a magnificent landscape characterized by both lush vegetation and rocky mountains, was originally built to entertain guests of the royal family. Today, this heritage monument is an architectural treasure and one of the last visual witnesses of the great Raj era.

Poovar: One of the main tourist attractions around Trivandrum which is popular among tourists for its golden sandy beach. The beach is clean and a great place for family fun. You can relax or play beach volleyball with your family or friends here.

Padmanabhapuram Palace: Located 64 km from Thiruvananthapuram in Thuckalay, this 16th century palace quenches the thirst of art lovers. This fascinating structure has a special air. The carved rosewood ceilings and a fine collection of paintings make this one of Kerala’s best specimens. Serenaded with refined decor, this palace displays colorful mica windows, antique furniture and Chinese carvings. The ceilings are carved with 90 different floral designs and the Durbar Hall has a glossy floor. Images of Lord Krishna, brass lanterns, murals, and a four-poster medicine bed add grace to the king’s bedroom. Details like the earthen urns, the swimming pool, the dance hall, the fish sculptures on the ceilings, the Belgian mirrors, the 17th and 18th century frescoes and the Saraswathi temple sum up a pleasant structure. By the way, the highlights of the iconic Manichithrathazhu were filmed here.

Priyadarshini Space Planetarium: Ranked among the most versatile planetariums in India, the Priyadarshini Space Planetarium was opened to the public in 1994. It is equipped with advanced equipment allowing the projection of all the constituents of the universe. This planetarium transmits invaluable knowledge about the earth and the immense universe of which we are all a part. Simulating the starry night sky over any place on earth is its most attractive feature. The museum is located on the campus of the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum. Featuring a unique blend of architecture, it is horizontally oriented and has a domed ceiling used as a screen for images of celestial bodies. Astronomical phenomena are projected using an ocular device. There is a Sky Theater, where several planetarium shows are held. One of the main shows organized here is “The Man and the Universe”, presenting the evolutionary stages of astronomy, the constitution of the planets and finally the origin of the Universe. There are also other shows that show the birth and life of a star, including special events for groups.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 50 kilometers northwest of Trivandrum, it sits in an idyllic location, overlooking the rocky mountains and the Karamana river. Rich in biodiversity, the sanctuary is especially famous for its mammal fauna: tigers, leopards, bears, elephants and the Nilgiri Thar are just a few examples. Visitors enjoy hiking in the enchanting forest areas, Bonafallas, and the mighty Kalarkad waterfalls. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature lover’s paradise.

Magic planet: This magical theme park located at Kinfra Film and Video Park has innovative facilities and promises to be a revelation for the younger generation and is completely dedicated to improving the street magicians of India. The complex spans 75 acres and will be home to many attractions including a museum, underground tunnel, mirror maze, shadow games, virtual supermarket to develop math skills, children’s park, playground, catering, theaters for shows and an R&D center.

Sree Chitra Art Gallery: One of the main things to do in Trivandrum is to visit the Sree Chitra Art Gallery. This art gallery was opened in 1934 by Maharaja of Travancore Sri Chitra Thirunal. You can see some interesting works of art which will give you an insight into the Travancore Kingdom as well as the state of Kerala.

Hawa Beach: Hawa Beach is also called Eve’s Beach. This scenic location is ideal for travelers looking for secluded and tranquil sandy beaches. Hawa Beach and Kovalam Beach are separated from each other by a foreland called Edakallu. It offers one of the most beautiful sunsets from this promontory.

Also visit their iconic Indian Coffee House and shop at the Mall of Trivandrum.


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