Two Mumbai women fall into Narmada River in MP while taking selfies; a dead person


Jabalpur (MP) (PTI): A 50-year-old woman from Mumbai and her son’s fiance fell into the Narmada River while taking selfies in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, an official said on Saturday.

The body of the 50-year-old woman was later recovered while the 22-year-old is still missing, he said. The incident happened on Friday in the New Bhedaghat area, a famous tourist spot, about 25 km from the Jabalpur district headquarters, Tilwara Police Station Deputy Inspector Lekh Ram said.

He said the women are identified as Hansa Soni (50) and Riddhi Pichdia (22).

Hansa Soni, husband Arvind Soni, son Raj Soni and fiancee Riddhi, all from Mumbai, took a cable car ride from Dhuadhar waterfall on the Narmada river and went to another side called New Bhedaghat on Friday.

Riddhi and Hansa were standing on white marble rocks and taking selfies with cellphones when they lost their balance and fell into the river, he said.

As Hansa’s body was recovered late Friday, a team of divers are looking for Riddhi in the river, he added.

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