Victoria is set to mark a 900 kilometer trail connecting hot springs and bathing spots in the state


It’s been more than two decades since the Peninsula Hot Springs became one of Victoria’s go-to spots, especially if you enjoy relaxing, wellness-focused getaways. Since then, the Fingal and its geothermal pools have become synonymous with a blissful escape from the city. But in years to come it could become just one stop on a whole trail filled with bathing spots – all thanks to the Great Victorian Bathing Trail project.

First launched in 2019 and set to gain its next new location in mid-2022 when Metung Hot Springs opens in East Gippsland – also from the team behind Peninsula Hot Springs – the Great Victorian Bathing Trail is just that. it seems. It will stretch over 900 miles along the Victorian coast and will have one big goal: to connect the state’s hot springs and other bathing spots into one must-do route for people who like to soak up their misfortunes.

Also planned to join the trail: Phillip Island Hot Springs and Saltwater Hot Springs on Phillip Island, Nunduk Spa Retreat in the Lake Wellington part of Gippsland, 12 Apostles Hot Springs on the Great Ocean Road, Geelong Mineral Spa and the Eden Project in Anglesea . Gippsland Regional Aquatic Center in Traralgon will also be there, for fans of splashing around in a regular community pool, as will the Deep Blue Hot Springs in Warrnambool.

Peninsula Hot Springs, Visit Victoria

In other words, if you want to escape the big smoke and relax in a body of water – steamy or cool – the Great Victorian Bathing Trail will help you connect the dots. The plan will see the route stretch from Portland in the southwest of the state to East Gippsland, and will also include beaches along the way.

The idea: to give Victoria a soothing tourist attraction to rival hot springs and spa hotspots such as Beppu and Kurokawa in Japan, Guangdong in China and the many must-sees in the Nordic region – notably in Iceland, Norway, in Sweden, Finland and Copenhagen in Denmark. harbor bathing path.

Peninsula Hot Springs

The numbers for Peninsula Hot Springs certainly give the concept a lot of hope, given that around 500,000 annual visitors visit the site.

2030 has been described as the ideal launch date – but, given that this was the pre-pandemic plan, that timing could easily change.

Although not named on the trail, the new Alba Thermal Springs and Spa on the Mornington Peninsula will launch in September and is already taking reservations.

And while the exact date for Metung’s mid-year opening has yet to be revealed, hot springs fans can look forward to a multi-faceted attraction and wellness area with steamy thermal pools and sauna options. It will include various hot spring bathing facilities at the main King Cove site, as well as a spa relaxation center and other hot springs being built at the nearby King Cove Golf Club, approximately 3.5 hours from Melbourne. And, there will also be a glamping site.

For more information on the Great Victorian Bathing Trail, visit the project’s Facebook page.

Top image: Peninsula Hot Springs, Visit Victoria.

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