Waterfalls: Jharkhand’s Best Kept Secret


Monsoon is the best time to take a trip to verdant destinations. And what better way to unwind than enjoying a picnic beside a waterfall while walking on moss-laden paths, enjoying crispy donuts and chai, or taking a refreshing dip in a pool deep. Jharkhand waterfalls offer all this and more.

Amid the monsoons, rivers roar with their gushing streams, trees sparkle with new colors, fruits and flowers bloom in drenched forests and fields, reminding us why this beautiful tapestry of life has inspired poets and writers. for generations.

These waterfalls are the best wonders of nature; the mix of colors playing hide and seek among the lush greenery of forests and hills caresses your mind and soul. Whether you want to soak under a waterfall or simply dip your feet in a stream, treks in Jharkhand are an eternal tribute to the rainy season. When in the state, be sure to explore these waterfalls which are simply surreal.

Dassam Falls

A view of Dassam Falls

Dassam, with its beautiful setting nestled on the leafy outskirts of Ranchi, is a popular destination among nature lovers and picnickers. The word Mundari ʒ”Da-song” translates to “the act of pouring water”, and the waterfall in this area inspired its name. Cascading from a height of 144 feet, Dassam Falls is one of many escarpment falls that dot the edge of the Ranchi Plateau. Closer to the area, the gurgle of the waterfall echoes through the forest and ripples through the surrounding area, inviting tourists to relax and rejuvenate in the calm water at its base. Dassam Falls have been created over the years due to a break in the rocky slopes of the plateau. Therefore, it is not safe to swim in the bottom pool because the current is strong and the ground is uneven.

Hundru Falls

The marvelous surroundings of Hundru Falls
The marvelous surroundings of Hundru Falls

Hundru Falls are a short drive from Ranchi and offer a spectacular sight to their visitors. An enchanting waterfall, shrouded in rich greenery and scenic views, provides an environment of peace and tranquility for tourists who venture there. Originating from the Swarnarekha River, these waterfalls cascade from a height of 320 feet and are a pure visual delight.

As the water falls, a frothy pool is created for the explorers to bathe in. During monsoons, the waterfall can be seen in all its might. During the summers, however, picnickers find respite in the area, which is also a popular hiking spot in the area.

Sita Falls

The magnificent Sita Falls
The magnificent Sita Falls

At a distance of 40 km from Ranchi, close to Jonha Station is the beautiful Sita Falls. A worthy competitor to the picturesque Dassam Falls, Sita Falls entice nature lovers to dip their feet into its waters, surrounded by greenery and the sound of fluttering feathers. Originating in the Kanchi River and filled with water during the monsoons, Sita Falls is named after Sita of the Ramayana, whose surreal beauty is considered unparalleled.

The region offers recreation coupled with the happiness of the patrons of the aquatic dance of nature during the vertical shows of magnificence. You can also organize a picnic day and have a good time with your loved ones in this place recommended by locals and tourists. Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation (JTDC) has also gone to great lengths to make the falls easily accessible by road and rail.

Jonha Falls

Among the many small and large waterfalls dotting the scenic landscapes of Jharkhand, Jonha Falls, also known as Gautamdhara Falls, makes for a fun road trip. Named after the town where it is located, the falls are definitely a sight to behold and are at a distance of 40 km from Ranchi.

To see beautiful Jonha, one must descend 722 steps along the natural slope of the falls to witness the frothy gurgling of the pool at the bottom. The ideal time to visit Johna Falls is during rainy August. The surrounding area takes on a bright green color, adding to the quaint charm of the place.

Hirni Falls

Hirni Falls are immensely popular in Jharkhand
Hirni Falls are immensely popular in Jharkhand

60 km from the hustle and bustle of Ranchi and hidden in the dense foliage of a forest are the magnificent Hirni Falls. Another gem of Jharkhand, this tourist destination attracts people from all over. These waterfalls descend down the mountainside and were named Hirni because they resemble the outline of a wild deer. Not only that, but the largest sal forests in Asia – the Saranda forests – also start around the falls, giving them an alluring ambiance.

A panoramic view of the area, visible from the top of the falls, is a favorite with photographers. The falls are a stunning example of natural beauty and exude an absolutely calming and serene atmosphere.

What exactly are you waiting for? Discover the natural riches of Jharkhand with your loved ones.

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