West Jaintia Hills Village offers fishing pond via MGNREGS


Taking a break from the usual convention of building roads or carriage trails through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), a Village Employment Council (VEC) in one of the largest villages in the Laskein Community & Rural Development (C&RD) of West Jaintia Hills District came up with the innovative idea of ​​constructing a fishing pond.

This village is none other than Sahsniang A located about fifty kilometers from Jowai, capital of the district of West Jaintia Hills. It comes under Constituency 4- Mowkaiaw Assembly.

According to Sahsniang A Waheh Shnong and VEC Chairman Dr Ymbon, “We conceptualized the idea in 2017 and submitted the project proposal for the construction of fishing ponds to the relevant authority, which was duly approved and sanctioned”.

He also informed that they had received a total amount of Rs. 1.13 crore for the construction of the fishing ponds.

The chairman of VEC said that with funds from Dorbar Shnong, they bought a piece of land from a private party so that all the villagers would have a sense of ownership over the fishing ponds.

Ymbon informed a total of 430 work card holders about the village’s work with dedication and sincerity to build the fishing ponds.

Regarding the idea behind the construction of a fishing pond, the Sahsniang A said that it is to generate income from the proceeds of the sale of fish and also to make it a tourist place by developing more with other attractions.

The fishing pond was inaugurated by West Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner BS Sohliya, IAS in the presence of DRDA Project Manager PK Boro, Saphai MDC Habahun Dkhar and others.

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